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Welcome to Grant Bass - Web Site Is Under Construction

My goal here is simple. I want to create unique and comfortable instruments tailored to your creative and practical needs. I offer a few standard models with a wide variety of different tonal woods to meet your personal demands towards the desired sound and appearance.

From my experience in building and playing musical instruments, I can advise you in making the proper choice towards your future bass. Several personal preferences like the shape and width of the neck, can be applied without any extra charges on custom order.

Why shop, when you can create? Have you ever found a body shape that you thought would look perfect hanging off you, but the scale length is too long for your short fingers, or maybe the neck is too wide? Too narrow of a profile on a guitar neck cause cramping, making jamming more of a chore then an enjoyment. We can help fix that by letting you get exactly what you want!


Grant Bass is now on Facebook! Check out our latest models in progress as well as anything Grant Bass releated. Click here to join the group.

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