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My name is Grant Freifeld, and I am Grantbass. I have been playing the 4 string since I was aware what a bass guitar was! Interested mostly in entertaining the masses, bands and projects took up most of my free time. Jude the obscure was my most ambitious group effort, with the best fans any group could ask for; now I spend my playing time with my cover band ĎRun for Coverí made up of mostly ex members of other bands from the Ďlocal sceneí.

All of my other time is spent in the lab; i.e. my woodshop, where the creations come to life. Although I would like to consider myself an original builder with revolutionary ideas; I am an old apprentice of Joe Kovacic (Joe Lado) and share much of the same philosophy as any other modern, custom builder, which is o.k. when the goal we share is complete customer satisfaction.

My personal mission began with my disgust for cheap painted plywood guitars, and an even further dislike for high-end instruments that was someone elseís idea of Ďcustomí. I still donít pretend to know it all; and I learn new things everyday, so if there is something you want and I donít have it listed, tell me about it; sometimes itís because I donít like it (doesnít mean I wonít use it) and sometimes itís because I donít know it exists; and inquiring will only help me be a more well rounded luthier.

Please enjoy the site, it was put together by my good friend Brian Johnson; weíre also working on having a giant gallery when we can sit down and organize all our photos, so check back periodically for updates.

Well now you know me a bit, which makes us friends; so come back anytime!